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Wug Life

Aug 21 '12

Average is normal; normal is inherent; inherent things are fine. No one is truly normal.

We all look like dendritic crystals (like the snowflakes in the gifs): exceptional in some spiky areas, and even underdeveloped in others. And as our crystal selves grows bigger, so do our spikes. But we aren’t smooth spheres. No one is.

When I was in elementary school, I noticed my best friend was awkward and cared not a wink for what other people thought. In contrast, I was super self-conscious and terrified of what people thought. She seemed so successful and like such a hard worker. I was ‘lazy’ - or at least not driven (it was elementary school, after all). I still threw temper tantrums at home, and she definitely never did. I felt like such shit in comparison to her.

My dad said that we just had different spikes, and I was spiky in places she wasn’t. I was just looking at the places where she was spikier than me. 

That analogy really stuck with me. I loved growing dendritic crystals at the time, and I was growing some beautiful quartzy thing in a jar. It was spiky and there were places it was much spikier than in others places.

That’s the # 1 reason to never compare yourself to others. Its good to know where your spikes are, which you can only do in comparison to others. But you can’t make value judgments based on that. That would be like saying one quartz is better than another because it has a spike on top instead of on the side. What would that even mean? Does having that spike make it more of a quartz than one that doesn’t? Nope. Same goes for people.

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